What You See is All There… ?!

What You See is All There… ?!

Child, photo by  Camilo180989 (flickr)

Daniel Kahneman, author of the international bestseller Thinking, Fast and Slow, suggests an interesting abbreviation: WYSIATI, which stands for ‘what you see is all there is’. Kahneman proposed this slogan talking about jumping to conclusion after have listened to a coherent story.

Curiously, at the beginning my intuitive system did appreciate WYSIATI, maybe because it sounds good, but after a while I did ask myself:

Can coherence be consistent enough to make us accept a fact as true?

Or do we need to discover what there is hidden behind? The fact is that  everything has more than one story, therefore the logic consequence is that we must discover them, asking somebody to tell us a story or, why not, inventing a new one. Try to change point of view… and discover what it was not all there.

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