What happened in the first happening

What happened in the first happening

There is always a first time

The first time of Bello2Buono has been awesome!

It has been something like coming again to life.. from an on-line born child…to the real life!

Few nights before the most romantic nigh of the year, it was everything ready, he has got aphrodisiac essences and lovely pictures and one piece of painted art…everything to make extremely special the first date with his public. Bello2Buono dressed up with his favorite dress and he put on his best perfume and showed himself at Enoteca Sormani in Cologno Monzese with all his charm…it has been magic, it has been perfect!

The excitement is not over!

Before scrolling down, remember that there are only few aphrodisiac soaps left! Hurry up to contact us and got them all! (in order to book some soaps you can write a comment directly here below this post)

Keep Tuned

More events organized by Bello2Buono coming soon really soon..

A small anticipation? Bello2buono and his photographer will be at Mago di Oz in the city centre of Milan…and also in Venice in the very near future!! You cannot skip this events! Keep tuned!

And now, for the ones of you who could not be there, here below a short review of the very romantic, and extremely aphrodisiac, atmosphere of the Wine&Soaps Aperitivo! Enjoy it, again and again…

…and for more reviews about this event you can read also an article @ www.liberoinformato.it! Thanks Lorenzo!

Some of the Pictures @ Wine&Soap Aperitivo

Narcissus Child, credits Camilo Navarrete

Right place, Right time. There are moments in our life in which all appear so clear and bright. In very very few moments we can be perfectly aware also of ourselves.

Educating to Beauty. Credits Camilo Navarrete

Sometimes changing the point of view allows us to realized the true things essence.
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Pillows, credits by Vincenzo Senatore

Like two lovers laying in the bed taking care of each others in a soft hug.
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Indifference. Credits Vincenzo Senatore

Usually lonely people have no light in the middle of the crow. Vincenzo could steal this man’s soul, and make it extremely bright, forever.
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Strong Vision, credits Vincenzo Senatore

The green life blood of the nature comes up in this picture as the real essence of the landscape. It seems to be all there, all true.
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Hate and war, credits by Enrico Zbogar

Hate and War is a part of a sequence. It represents the difficulty we have to face the inter-relationships in your everyday life. “Hate and war, the only things we have today, and if a close my eyes, they won’t go away, you have to deal with it this is the currency”. (The Clash). Despite of the pain of being like an “Hero on an age of none”, altruism is the point.

Cavalli di Sale, credits Luca D'Ambros

Snow is a poetry. A poetry that drops from the clouds in white and light buds. This poetry comes from the sky’s lips, from God’s hand. (Neve, Maxence Fermine).
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Williamsburg Bridge, credits Andrea Miselli

The bridge is the silent soul of the tale which seems to not get over ever (G. Frazzoni). This picture has been published in this post

  • Blessed With Love (acrilico su tela, cm 50×100), Milano 2008, by Silvia Pisani
Silvia Pisani

Under the influence of this New Moon, the first of the year, women and men feel in communion with Nature.
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Curious about more pictures?! Well, you just have to pop in the next event organized by Bello2Buono..coming very very soon!
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