To play the piano well, you must be passionate

To play the piano well, you must be passionate

When I was young…

…I was in Cambridge, there was a William Wilberforce Road off Madingley Road, where I had lodgings, and I ignored the name of Wilberforce until today. He was a member of the Parliament in UK at the age of 21. And a friend of William Pitt the Young, the youngest man to have become prime minister in UK.

Michel Apted’s 2006 film entitled Amazing Grace woke me up. William Wilberforce (1759-1833) was a forceful slavery abolitionist who fifty years before Lincoln and the USA succeeded in abolishing slave commerce between the UK and the Americas. The film depicts the passion of Wilberforce, and tell us a lot about the underlying spiritual credo.

When I was young…

…I was arrogant and ignorant. Now I am older, and begin to understand that tacit knowledge, or experience, is important if it helps us reflect on what life present us.  We need a strong vision, and be ready to undertake a project in our life, focusing on one major objective. It would be wonderful if we were supported by friends, or a companion who inspire us.

Think of Steve Jobs. His motivation was a crossover of technological curiosity and search for perfection in an aesthetic sense. Or of any success singer, such as Jackie Evancho or Hayley Westenra.  They want to sing, first of all.


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3 Responses to To play the piano well, you must be passionate

  1. Elisa Da Rin Puppel 6 ottobre 2012 at 22:26

    Those are real strong visions!
    Both the thoughts in this post and the picture by Vincenzo. Thank you so much for this good-night pills!

  2. Kazuo 6 ottobre 2012 at 23:44

    Jurgita, thank you. You did understand the core sentiment of the post and perhaps of these years of mine.

    • Dovydas!? 8 ottobre 2012 at 01:39

      I was thinking the same. Maybe is it a deja vu?


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