The Sense Empire – In Praise of Nagisa Oshima

The Sense Empire – In Praise of Nagisa Oshima

The aphrodisiac essences are still fresh in our minds and on our bodies and the desire of love is the main topic of those days around the 14th of Feb.

Bello2Buono decided to make alive again the true feeling of desire and passion with a short praise of the movie director Nagisa Oshima

Just feel alive!

“Nothing of we can express is obscene. Obscene is what we cannot express.”

Oshima Nagisa

Still Alive

He passed away last 15th of January, but what it is still alive is the feeling, the wish of sex and our desire he was be able to give us with his Art. Nagisa Oshima made us dream and transform our sexual instincts alive.

After exactly one month from his passing, we would like to thanks him, for his bravery, his heart, his passion!

For all of you who are able to dream with freedom of senses and courage here you have a short anticipation from his most famous production…be ready for the most exciting experience ever!

In The Realm of the Senses (Ai no korida)

directed by Nagisa Oshima, 1976


Cover Image by Luca D'Ambros
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