The Man with the Mask

The Man with the Mask

Ad eventually it happened: also this 13th of the month had a special meaning for me.

I was going to my favorite “literary café” the Design Library of via Savona in Milan, for making a creative happy hour with my best-ishindenshin-friend Jurga and, don’t ask me why, getting into the tube I’ve decided to skip the first train and take the second one. This coincidence allowed me to sit exactly in the side of a curious guy with a mask on the top of his head. He was reading Plutarch, without particular attention, adjusting the mask on his head.

As for me, peering at his book and trying to imagine a story behind this interesting character, I was reading The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb. Suddenly the guy turned to me and exclaimed:

There is also a movie called Black Swan, it’s about a ballet dancer!

Smiling I nodded and said: “Yes, there is also a movie called Black Swan”.

How could I spoil that fantastic moment? Although my book is not about a ballet dancer, almost certainly the boy associated my combing to the one of a classical ballerina as, in the same way, I did associate him to a theater actor reading his script.

Perhaps stories do not need to be true, detailed or logic… sometimes they only need to be coherent, in our minds.

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  1. Elisa Da Rin Puppel 15 giugno 2012 at 14:19

    “declaration of high confidence can tell you that an individual has constructed a coherent story in his mind, not necessarily that story is true.” D. Kahneman ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’


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