The Man at the Window

The Man at the Window

The Man at the window, the proper name was Marino, used to stay sit in front of the kitchen window, especially during raining days, gazing at the flow of the lazy life outside. Sometimes, during the summer storms,  I used to join him, sit at his side and waiting for a story.

Window in Lisbon. Photo by Sisio@ (Flickr)

My favorite one was the tale about the Thunder Maker and his grinder. At that time, in fact, I was still a child, and storms and thunders still scared me. But The Man at the Window was good at calm me down with a story. Just before the rain, he used to tell me the one about the Thunder Maker, or Lord of the Sky and his grinder.

This story was about the origin of thunders and lightning, which were caused by the continuous turning of the grinder handle by the Lord of the Sky. At each light and, at each consequent thunder, the Lord knew that he was about to broke his precious machine, but he carried on and on, until the explosion of it in thousand and thousand rain drops. Then, he would have spend all his time to repair his grinder, ready to start again to turn the handle provoking the next storm.

Only later, I realized the moral of the story: for the Lord of the Sky, to broke and repair his machine were just excuses in order to find a sense for his day, a kind of fun pastime.

After this tale, for me, there was no reason anymore to be afraid of thunders and lightnings. But, I grew up wondering which one was the everyday  sense of the Man at the Window, instead.

At that time, I wanted to be able to suggest to that man to stand up, and go outside into the world he was just gazing from his window.

I wanted to be able to shout: read, jump, run, walk, sing, write! All those actions can make you feel alive!

Now it is too late to say it to the Man at the Window, his window is empty now. And I have the task to do all those sort of things in his memory.

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  1. ganesha84 12 giugno 2012 at 18:47

    I think you are getting a bit wiser every day…


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