The changing glasses theory: a story

The changing glasses theory: a story

I have been speaking a lot regarding the theory of ‘changing glasses (or better dump them)’ but, in this context, I have never explained what I really mean with this. Now, there are two ways in which I can report this theory, the first one is a systematic one, the second  one is by means of a little story. As we (the bello2buono team) are people who like stories, I will tell you my personal experience about ‘changing glasses’.

The beginning of my understanding of the ‘changing glasses theory’ starts when I met Professor Kazuo in Milan after one year of permanence in London. The first thing he told me was:

“Do you know, Elisa, that you will change your glasses from a square shape to a round one?”

In a first moment, I felt offended (every person who wear glasses know perfectly how difficult it is put on our face a sign of weakness!). But after I understood:

To change the glasses was a mere metaphor, what I need to change is my way of think and behave!”

Square shape toward round one is just a matter appearance.

The function of my glasses will remain the same and my blindness will not decrease, in other words, I will remain vulnerable, and everyone will see it but…

…But if I will be able to turn my shark square shape into a soft round one, I might be able to transmit to people that ‘I am vulnerable, and I know it’ I thought. So I took the risk, and I did jump from one form to another.

This passage, apparently superficial, had a huge consequence: My vulnerability (square shape glasses) will be transformed into fragility (round shape glasses). What’s the different between those two types of glasses, not between square and round, but between being vulnerable rather than fragile?

The fact of wearing square glasses might be identified as a way of defend ourselves, because we are scared and, therefore, we tend to refuse connectivity or new impulses.

On the contrary, be aware of that fact of being fragile, and show it to people without shame (wear round glasses), means let the people know us for what we are behind the mask, and therefore, open to connections, let our mind to be inspired and be prepared to deal with good and bad events.

This story is not an Aesop fable, I don’t want to tell you a nice moral about how should you live, think and act. Many of you do not identify yourself as vulnerable nor fragile, but strong. Well, this can be another shape of glasses. Which one?

For some people this story can be used only to give a better interpretation of my posts or a more understandable way of reading this blog. For me this story represents my personal profile, an ID card which state that I jumped, from the square shape to the round one.

My aim now is to be able to tell you more about my new round glasses, sharing my ideas with you, finding an everyday sense to the use of them, searching the effective consequence that this choice can produce.

…to be continued….

(Picture and caption by Camilo180989)

el cambio de la sombras a la luz, cuando decidimos cambiar de actitud “cambiar de glasses” sabemos que debemos pasar por un proceso de aclopamiento y trancision. Para llegar del punto A al punto C debo pasar primero por el punto B, en el caso del cambio de glasses ese punto es el entorno que nos rodea (gente, trabajo, ciudad, amigos, etc…) pero este cambio viene condicionado. viene condicionado a nuestra actitud, al profundo sentido del tomar la decicion de cambiar de glasses, y es ahi cuando se ve “la luz al final del tunel”, ese tunel son los cambios que hacemos despues de haber tomado la decicion de cambiar.

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