Story as a Bello2Buono Element

Starting from design and aesthetic, story is a key element in the construction of a project in our movement.

A story is a narrative, a way to see a path of action in a series of activities, and many company strategies can be told in a story-like form, for example the Grameen Bank strategy could be told as a response to the need of many women to feed their families in Bangladesh, just by offering access to a small amount of capital to start a commercial enterprise.  In a festival, a concert season, a dam construction, there is always a story to be narrated, often giving the floor to the lowest person in the hierarchy.

Narration is the best form of teaching to small kids, and there is no better way to convey some content to a large number of people, because poetry is often too synthetic, and an essay or article too objective.  The distinguishing factor in narration is the capacity to convey an emphatic meaning while delivering a theme and a development with a conclusion.

A story is typically structured in four phases: an origin (Once upon a time,….), a happening (arrives a foreign young prince, or Hagrid), a development (Valdemort and the fight with him), and a conclusion (happy or not).  We can overlap the cycle “tell a story – connect a tribe – lead a movement – make changes – tell a story …….”

I invite every reader to think of a story to be narrated in a local newspaper, or in a short broadcast, and judge the effect it would have among those who come in contact with it.

From there, we can develop a project and a plan, taking into consideration also the emphatic elements.

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