Smoky Madame Amaretti Kisses

Smoky Madame Amaretti Kisses

Have you every been kissed by a charming woman who’s smoking? Somebody really gorgeous like Audrey Hepburn or Sofia Loren? Well, I can ensure you that the it would be a mix of sweet and bitter taste, exactly like our ‘Smoky Madame Kisses‘ are!

Smoky Madame Kiss_il Bollitore_Audrey Hepburn

Not Only Coffee #IlBollitore

I’ve decided to rename this recipe “Smoking Madame Kisses” getting inspired by the Italian name of the traditional sweets ‘Baci di Dama‘.The authentic recipe includes three main ingredients: Amaretti biscuits (almond based traditional Italian dry cookies), Mascarpone cheese and coffee. On the top you can spread either cocoa powder or coconuts flakes.

But, as you know, I like to adapt every recipe adding tea instead. So I’ve decide to substitute coffee with the smoky aroma of Lapsang Souchong tea and the bitterness of cocoa: the result tasted like a real kiss from a diva!

#ilBollitore always goes for Tea

Why Lapsang? Well, try to think about the best paring for a cigar… isn’t that a pure 100% dark chocolate? In the same way I’ve tried to pare the soft cheese, and the characteristic almond biscuits, with the unique smoky aroma of Lapsang Chines tea.

Smoky Madame Amaretti_ilBollitore_dip


I’ve decided to make ‘Tea Baci di Dama’ as dessert for a dinner with friends here in Tokyo, so even if the procedure of making these buscuits it’s pretty simple,  the main problem might be represented by the ingredients…which I though impossible to find in Japan!

Luckily I was wrong and I could find both Italian Mascarpone and Amaretti biscuit in an international supermarket (F.Y.I: KALDI’S COFFEE is the best place for every kind of international food!).

Smoky Madame Amaretti_ilBollitore_ingredienti


- Amaretti Biscuits (2 boxes)

- Mascarpone Cheese (500 gr)

- Coffee (or Tea!)

As I’ve said you before, I’ve decided to go for a really unusual ingredient using the black Chinese tea Lapsang Souchong, which is characterized by a natural smoky aroma, instead of coffee. (Also this tea is really easy to find in Tokyo, you can pursue it in well-known tea shops such as Mariage Frères in Ginza or Ebisu station).

Smoky Madame Amaretti_ilBollitore_cacao


1. After brewing a teapot of Lapsang Tea (4 gr. are more then enough for a 500 ml teapot, be careful: do remove the leaves after 4 minutes brewing in order to avoid extra bitterness!), just dip each Amaretti biscuit for one second in the tea infusion.

2. Spread one spoon of Mascarpone cheese on a tea dipped biscuit and cover it with another Amaretto.

3. Cover your plate of dark cocoa

Smoky Madame Amaretti_ilBollitore

Et voilà! That’s it…Isn’t it fascinating?

Keep your enchanting plate in the fridge till the last moment before serving it and surprise your friends with a Smoky Madame Kiss!

Smoky Madame Kisses_Sofia Loren

Words and Pics by Elisa Da Rin

Find out more about Elisa’s Tea passion on Il Bollitore


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