I am just back from the International Film Festival of Rome, and I must share with you my thoughts about the documentary movie Pezzi by Luca Ferrari (video editor Pietro Occhiuzzi).
Pezzi” can definetely be understood in English by using the word “Pieces”, even if, it is always better not to translate such meaningful titles. But going into the significance of the word, “pezzo” (singular word for “pezzi”). Pezzi is the measure for drugs, and drug is the main actor in the lives of those people Luca Ferrari wanted to present in his movie.

The idea of the movie came in 2009, when Luca Ferrari decided to create a reportage about lives in the suburbs of Rome. The place where the documentary bornt is Laurentino 38, one of the many suburbs there, and there Ferrari spent almost two years, talking to people, taking pictures of them, and getting to be in familiar terms with them.

He got so intimate with people there, that he felt pictures couldn’t explain in depth what he was seeing.

So he decided to use videos besides pictures and give voice to those people lives. Lives made of pain, suffering and loss….loss of friends, relatives, dignity and hope.

Hope is what they miss the most, they feel alone, without institutions caring for them and knowing that they do exist and they do have the same rights as other people, of having a chance of redemption. Some of them struggle all the time to get a bit of happiness, but most of them never make it.

By the end of the movie, you feel so upside-down that you just want it to finish.

“No word such “right” or “wrong” comes to your mind after watching it, the only thing you feel is that this is real, it’s a reality that lives beside us, and it can be anywhere, in any city, in any country.

Here for you the official interview to the director….enjoy this piece of life!

…and for the more curious tonight there will be a small extract from the movie!
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3 Responses to Pezzi

  1. Davide Ferrari 16 novembre 2012 at 12:45

    Grazie Francesca di questo post (e anche del minuto per i curiosi…visto!).
    Il documentario sembra davvero interessante, spero ci sia modo di vederlo per intero in futuro.
    Tu hai fatto l’intervista e realizzato il video?

  2. Francesca Mafrici 16 novembre 2012 at 18:50

    Grazie a te Davide!
    No, purtroppo non ho realizzato io l’intervista, ero a Roma in qualità di spettatrice; ma fortunatamente ho potuto assistere alla conferenza stampa e sentire i racconti del regista e capire quanta passione lo abbia spinto a realizzare un lavoro simile!
    Spero che la distribuzione tocchi anche l’Italia, credo davvero che valga la pena diffondere un documentario del genere, che parla di una realtà vicina, sfortunatamente, a tutti noi!!
    Credo comunque che subito dopo le premiazioni (che avverranno domani) potranno decidere come distribuirlo!!
    Incrociamo le dita perchè sia nelle sale!!

    • Davide Ferrari 20 novembre 2012 at 15:55

      Ah, pensavo che la ragazza che parlava nel video fossi tu!
      Ecco perchè ti ho chiesto. Ho visto dei servizi sul festival
      ma nessuno ha parlato di questo doc. Valore aggiunto al tuo post! ;)


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