My soap is my life blood (Rosa’s true story)

My soap is my life blood (Rosa’s true story)

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

We had promised the true story of the Juliette Binoche of Soaps…well, here you are: below, the English version of the story about Rosa’s passion: soaps, her true life blood! This time Bello2Buono let Rosa’s voice coming up as the text was written by Rosa in Spanish and translated into English by Elisa. You can read here the original version in Spanish. Just choose the language that most suits you and… enjoy the world of soaps!

The True Story, credits Vincenzo Senatore

Rosa’s story. Told by Rosa

I always though that we are pure energy.

When I was young I used to write poetries and keep a diary. Though I’ve never thought my story would be relevant for anybody, a part for myself. However now I feel this is the perfect chance for me to share what I wrote and what I have been dreaming for such a long time… And it’s all connected with the process of making natural soaps.

Let’s start from the beginning.

During all my life I have been working hard,  but always with a smile and with a “thank you” in my lips. I always thought that all we are is pure energy; and we are transmitting to other people what we perceive in our growing process. I believe we should always practice empathy, stepping into another person’s shoes…

In this way a miracle will happen: Love and Compassion will grow in our hearts.

Coming back to my story, I can say that working all day long and being constantly in a hurry doesn’t mean to live. That’s about being machines. We keep on going automatically, thinking we feel good… until suddenly… everything changes! And our health condition might shift as well.

It has been two years since I have been operated – two extremely difficult years for me and my family. I have to thank my husband and my son for having always stayed on my side.

It was during my period  of convalescence that my interest in soaps had begun.

The Calendula soap

Some friends of mine who were on my side during this period trying to keep me positive, gave me a present: a piece of  Calendula soap, made by a woman from a little village.

The Calendula soap is generally used to moisten the skin, but it also has a special power of treating injuries… It was perfect for nursing my post-surgery wounds!

And so it happened: this small but at the same time enormous present, involved me into the world of soaps and all the things related to it. I immediately started searching for the information online and in magazines, on how to make soaps…

…few weeks after I decided to make my first soap!

I just had to wait for the moment in which my body would be in tune with my mind. Serenity, peace of mind, clearness, patience, enery… the perfect state of mind and body!

It was in this kind of mood that I’ve started to transform a little quantity of oil, water and soda into… a soap!

(To be continued soon: in English here and in Spanish in Jabones y Otras Historias)

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2 Responses to My soap is my life blood (Rosa’s true story)

  1. Dovydas!? 25 settembre 2012 at 02:14

    Thank u Elisa for this story.
    True life is better than everything else.

  2. Elisa Da Rin Puppel 19 ottobre 2012 at 22:50

    Cada vez que leo esa historia me emociono…sera’ porque es verdadera, porque es vida.


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