Mrs. WAKOCHA: the charm of black Japanese tea

Mrs. WAKOCHA: the charm of black Japanese tea

The story of the Black Japanese tea, called Wakocha,  is quite recent respect of the “traditional Japanese green teas” we are used to (such as the well known Sencha, Bancha, Kukicha…).

In Japan, the development of Black Tea method started after World War II in Japan, and this manufacture has taken inspiration from the Chinese way of making Black Tea (which involves the total oxidation of the Tea leaves).

However, the Japanese black tea has a special inner characteristics: its taste is softer than the Chinese one, its colour is less intense and its taste is not so aggressive.

For these reasons I’ve identified the Black Japanese Tea with a very elegant madame: MRS. WAKOCHA.


Mrs. WAKOCHA: the charm of black Japanese tea the neat, broken leaves of Wakocha tea confer to the coppery red liquor a rich aroma – the tea infusion is characterized by a sweet spiciness and warm tones of sun-warmed wood.


Wildness of the leaves:  brewing the tea leaves, the main perfumes which came to my nose were scents of ark, wood and wet forest.

In my mouth: the main flavors of Wakocha black tea are woody, ebony black wood indeed, wet grass, musk and red roses’ petals. The liquor is quite astringent and high in tannins.

On my lips: slightly bitter but well balanced. It will leave a soft-smooth after-taste on your mouth, exactly like a kiss from a charming woman leaves a lipstick’s shadow…impossible to forget!

Water Temperature: 90 degree

Steeping Time: 4 minutes

Words by Elisa Da Rin Puppel

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