Memetics Soup – Inquiry

Memetics Soup – Inquiry

Here below the recipe suggested by Camilo, one of our photographer with passion for cooking as well. We invite you to try to do this soup, simple as it is, following two tracks: the slow and the fast one.

1. Fast track: add some Love to your soup (chef’s suggestion, it will taste much better!)

2. Slow track: think about memis while you are preparing it (Bello2Buono suggestion inspired by the book Memetica written by Pascal Jouxtel)

Let’s read, think ..and taste it!

Love & Vegetable Soup

1. Vegetable Love Soup – Simple as it is!

(for 2 people in love)

4 medium potatoes
3 carrots
1 big cup of peas or beans
4 big cups of water
1 chicken breast
1/2 kg of pasta

In a saucepan put the 4 cups of water and the chicken breast, with 2 tablespoons salt, leave it there for 15 mins until chicken is cooked. Then slice of cut in cubes carrots and potatoes, put them in the water you have already heated up for 20 minutes. Add the cup of peas and your favourite type of pasta (but remember: the soup is better if you use short type of pasta or the shells shape one). Cook your soup at medium heat until the pasta will be ready (usually 12 or 15 minutes).
And do not forget to add love during the overall process…your soup will taste much better! (Camilo)

2. Where are the memis of the soup?

First of all, we have to define ‘memis’, and find out which sort of odd link there is between the science of memetic and Camilo’s soup!

I’ll try to pui ti simple:

In the book Memetica, Pascal Jouxtel quotes the words of Susan Blackmore in order define ‘memis’.

Memis are not magic entities, nor platonic ideas, they are instructions contained in human memory, in actions and in artifacts. 

Our Vegetable – Love Soup is a perfect example of those ‘instrucitions‘: the simple recipe as written form of memis, the image as visual one, the taste as sensory form, the love put in its preparation as a feeling form of memis, the cook ability as memis in action, and so on…we could go on forever!

Now the question is:

Are the memis in the taste of the diners, in the recipe itself or in the ability of the cook?

I let you think about that for the moment. I let you cook and say what you think…

Soon this post will be followed by another post entitled  Memetic Soup – The code, in which we will try to give a possible answer to it.

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