Let’s see naturally!

Let’s see naturally!

Have you ever thought to change your glasses and see naturally?

Luca had tried it..and now he can see naturally


Wearing and promoting DOLPI glasses

Today in Milano Rho @  Mido exhibition

Till the 4th of March 21013

(padiglione 24 Stand T25  - Design Lab)


Luca Ferrari born in Monza (near Milano), but he lives now in the heart of Dolomiti mountains…and it is like he was born there, in a place where everything is surrounded by wood.

Wood in the gardens and forests around the village, wood in the mountains, wood for the houses, wood for the furniture…wood also for the glasses!


How did come this idea?

The idea took origin from the Mavima Bautec’s passion for wood.  In the Veneto region the wood is a characteristic product from a very long tradition. In addiction there is the historic presence of the glasses’ craft and industry, in particularly in the province of Belluno.

So we aimed to create a product that would combine the territory to the knowledge and the skill of the craft-men who live there.

Thus, the aim of the brand DOLPI i sto piece together Nature and Man, and to bring this message on the people’s face, so they can see the world as we see the territory where we were born: the Dolomiti.

Dolpi - occhiali in legno

What does DOLPI means?

Dolpi is acronym made up by DOL for Dolomiti and LPI for Alpi.

To Lead the Dolomiti and the Alpi mountains in the World

This is the main objective of DOLPI.

Dolpi does not want to by only a pair of glasses, it is also a functional object, a fashion accessory and a message. Dolpi aims to let us see with different eyes and think in another way.

Dolpi still life

Does the relationship between Nature and Man come from a common faith of the contributors?

For the people who are working on this project, the relationship between Nature and Man has always represented more than a fashionable slogan:

This brand holds the Dolomiti’s essence. Dolpi is the union between Nature and Man.

This is what led us think that this product should be something more than a simple object and it must represent a link: Dolpi wearer should be able to perceive the Nature, the environment and the landscape as we perceive it.

And this can be realized not only in the Dolomiti mountains, but in everywhere, in every different type of territory.

Dolpi glasses

How is important the territory in the development of the corporate philosophy?

As we have already mentioned before, the territory influences both our personality and our way of think. It is important to stress also the province of Belluno is famous in the world also for its long craft tradition, which has a deep knowledge about the row material and an historical familiarity know-how about the glasses technology.

How does the costumer get along with this brand?

We still don’t know it! But we would like that the main approach could be linked to the Beauty and Originality of the product. We also wish that the costumer could get the philosophy that there is behind DOLPI, where the relationship between Man and Nature represents the essence of the territory.

Which is the added value given by this product?

Dolpi  is the first pair of glasses in the world made by PEFC wood, that’s means with wood which comes from a sustainable forest management. Dolpi it is also a new way of see and think…Dolpi is Dolpi and that’s it!

Dolpi glasses

Do you think that Dolpi is ready for an International public?

We will see it! First of all in Mila at Mido (Mostra Internazionale di Ottica) from the 2nd to the 4th of March. And the in  New York at The International Vision Expo from the 114th of the 17th of March…we will try to see the World through Dolpi!

Dear reader…are you still there? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and let’s get your DOLPI and start to see naturally!
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  1. Elisa Da Rin Puppel 7 marzo 2013 at 21:59

    Curious? Check it out and…have fun with DOLPI glasses!



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