Knowledge Creation Management – an appraisal by K. Inumaru

Knowledge Creation Management – an appraisal  by K. Inumaru

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One of the original objectives in creating this blog consisted in gathering opinions on how to found a society where beauty and social practice could lead to a better society and life.

We have started in 2011 and now, after 15 months or so, we host 113 posts, 15 categories, about a hundred comments. We had a slow start, but not anymore. There is a dynamic situation and I would like to contribute with a series of posts that deal with some theoretical aspects of our movement.

One way of looking at our global society is to look at how it is organized, at how people perceive it to be organized. If we see an airport, the Big Apple, or just our everyday life, we can start seeing some ways of how to organize actions, people, knowledge, sentiments, things. Organizations, schools, religions, logistics are concrete terms we use to conceptualize the social reality.

In management, we call organizational studies those that deal with the way of setting concepts and rules, principles and procedures in order to reach an efficient way to get things moving. One of the resources we have to deal with all this stuff is knowledge, both tacit and explicit.

Tacit knowledge is embedded in the individual, in the form of experience, and could be difficult to transmit. Explicit knowledge is easier to transmit, and can be codified, even digitally, and books, patents, mathematical formulas are good examples of it.

We need a field, an arena, where we can create and transmit all forms of knowledge, otherwise we remain isolated, and your experience and innovative thoughts and sentiments would be lost. One way of conceiving all this is the Knowledge Creation Management, a relatively new field in managerial studies, developed by prof. Ikujiro Nonaka, a Japanese guru.

In Knowledge Creation Management (KCM), we help innovation not only of companies, but also of the whole society, (Western or Eastern does not matter), by supporting individuals like you to express your feelings, ideas, experiences.

It is just a drop in the ocean, but we can give it a try, and that’s how it started, with a string wish on my part to learn how to feel and experiment with others’ eyes and mind. I feel excited by what I witness here.
Thank you.

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