Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories, credits Camilo 180989

Do you remember the emotional words linked with the taste of the Granita di Gelsi Neri expressed by Gianluca?

Well yesterday it happened also to me. After I have tasted the unmistakable taste of the Gelsi Neri (in English Black Mulberry).

Where? At Na’ranita, an astonishing Sicilian tastes shop in the center of Milano: this is the place where the rare Granita of Gelsi Neri is made. The ice-cream shop appeared to me as a sort of mirage. I’ve immediately realized that the place was surrounded by a magic atmosphere, people were heppy, smiling, radiating a bright light.

On my friend’s suggestion, I have been served with a delicious glass of Granita di Gelsi neri with a touch of Almond Granita…

It was at that point when I realized that what I was eating was more than an original Sicilian granita…It was a specific moment of my past that I though it was lost forever until that precise instant!

The memory of a baby-girl who runs quickly to get them in the neighbors’ garden, painting her hands with the deep red colour of the soft fruits.

And this is exactly what Gianluca, called Luca - the ice-cream and granita craftman who runs the shop – explained to me:

My secret for a good granita stays not only in the special recipe I use, little bit improved and modified from the original Sicilian’s one, it stay in the fact that I grew up with the taste of the Sicilian granita during every summer of my childhood – I know how it does need to be – that’s the difference!

Here we are, with a childhood’s memory of a taste that you would not forget anymore in your life. Everyone of us has his proper taste, which often is a forgotten memory.

Which one is yours? 

Do not be disappointed if you don’t have a quick answer…I had completely forgot the taste of the Gelsi Neri, before yesterday…

If you think you have forgotten your childhood taste, I suggest you to go to Via Villoresi in Milan and, without need to ask, ‘Luca will offer you a small cup with fruity-nuggets inside…I’m sure your tasty memory will come immediately to your mind!

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