Hidden bodies – Revealed women

Faggionato Fine Arts Gallery – London, 14 October – 18 November 2011

The Nudes of Enoc Perez introduce the spectator in an erotic review of the history of art. The oil of canvans characterized by strong violet, red and yellow colours and dense pieces of material drive the viewer throughout a particular discovery of the feminine body.
The first impact given by the three pictures of Nudes at the entrances of the Faggionato Gallery is something which reminds the African art: nude bodies engraved into a thick oil colour. Primitive and instinctual, the gazes of the women catch the attention of the viewer and seduce him.

However, carrying on with the gallery tour, the spectator will realize that the women behind the thick curtain of colour are not only primordial image of eroticism, but they refer specifically to the most iconic and classical subjects of nudes in the West Art.

Consequently, with a more focused gaze, the spectator come to discover that behind the violet and red veils of Nude April 2011 (see top picure) and Nude July 2011 (see picture above), are actually hidden the Maya Desnuda of Goya or a model in a classical Schiele position.

With the revelation of this sensual secret, Perez brings the spectator into the classical history of the nude, in which the feminine body is not a mere object or a pornographic tool but, on the contrary, every woman’s representation involves a unique aesthetical universe that reveals it-self gaze by gaze, layer by layer.

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