Save the colours of the rainbow

Save the colours of the rainbow

The richness of aesthetics in the world depends from the variety of the cultures, of the tribes and populations existing on Earth.  

I have been to several places in the world, but only in Nepal I felt a real difference, something new for me, and later I understood that the temples, the houses, the use of chicken and of everyday life was still traditional, although some kids had already a Game Boy in their hands.

An Italian friend of mine, after having been to USA, commented that America was too similar to Europe, while Japan, where she had been with me the year before, was really interesting because different.

Margaret Mead and all great anthropologists knew that the richness of human kind comes from variety, not from the importance or the value of Western or of any other single civilization. There is danger that not only the Yanomamo, the Inuit, and other cultures disappear, but also that their memory fades away during this millenium.

Notting Hill Carnival, credits Vincenzo Senatore

Industrial revolution happened less than three hundred years ago, nothing in comparison with the 10.000 years history of agriculture or the history of major civilizations.

Is it right to let all non-industrial cultures fade away simply because they do not choose, or are not able to choose, to join globalization

Tibet is in danger, the Karen in Highland Burma the same. The way that the Japanese of 1853 have chosen was to modernize, to westernize, to industrialize. They had a notable success in that, and Singapore and other countries, mainly in Asia, took example from her, but the Edo culture has disappeared meanwhile, and the sustainable society became one of the many polluting societies of the 20th century.

In this magazine, Bello2Buono, we try to save what remains of the traditional cultures, not only of Japan or of Europe, by studying everyday culture and aesthetics.

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