All you need is…TEA!

All you need is…TEA!

Have you ever though the Tea can be more than a mere beverage? It can be passion, study, Nature, Art…it can be your own life!

Bello2Buono met a young certified Tea Master to be, Ece Erel, and tried to discover her fascinating Tea World.

Tea for Passion

I don’t exactly remember when my passion for tea started, but the toy tea sets
from when I was in kindergarten show that the roots of my passion can be
traced back to my childhood…


Tea for Study

I’m currently counting the days to get my tea mastery certificate. Being a tea master is
an exhilarating opportunity, but tea is all about experimenting with different brewing
procedures so I think the real art comes from one’s own experience. Experience
is created through passion, which then leads to consistency, devotion and finally


Tea for Nature

I’ve always loved nature. I’ve always believed that there is a unity between humanity
and nature. Tea itself has its ways of binding these two. It all starts with the
seeds, then the Camellia Sinensis plant gives its wonderful leaves to mankind,
which are then meticulously and painstakingly crafted in by hands. Then
there is the tea itself, which nourishes the soul of the drinker by reminding him of the
exquisite spirit of the nature!

Tea for life, credits Enrico Zbogar

Tea for Life

Tea is not just a beverage. To understand the real concept behind tea, one should
clearly be aware of its taste, health benefits, cultural significance and the role
it plays in society. The Way of Tea is expressed as harmony, respect, purity
and tranquility, which are the four principals of Japanese tea culture. With each cup,
our spirit is purified and a feeling of tranquility is born. Feeling the essence of pure nature makes you one; it puts you in harmony with nature.

Cup of tea, credits by Enrico Zbogar

Tea for You

On top of all this, tea is the best companion when you are alone; it warms you up,
revokes you, and reminds you of all the beauty around you… And when
you are with a friend; it just brings lives and emotions together, brings up the
best conversations that haven’t yet been made… Don’t underestimate the power of “Would
you like a cup of tea?” and don’t forget to thank, not just the one that serves you tea
but also to nature for giving you the leaves to steep, sip and enjoy!

266438598109562290_40559480Ece Erel, is a tea enthusiast from Istanbul currently studying in Bocconi University, she is also counting days to get her tea mastery certificate and writing about her passion on her tea blog 

Images by Enrico Zbogar.
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