Alice’s Teatime by Yayoi Kusama

Alice’s Teatime by Yayoi Kusama

After reading Io non bevo tè, il tè sono io: il tea time con Salvador Dalí    by  @primainfusione (check it out on Tumblr or click here), Yayoi Kusama’s book of Alice in Wonderland, with her crazy illustrations, came again to my mind …


So Alice’s teatime seems to be a real cult in the Art Word…the imaginary world of Alice did not inspired only Tim Burton with the movie with Johnny Depp in 2010, but way earlier the most relevant artists ever have been illustrating the most surreal teatime ever!

Jurga P. Alessi has summarized Dalì’s version excellently, (if you still didn’t click on the link above, you have to read it now here!)…

And now I would like to follow up this article related to Alice’s teatime and the artistic streak of its inspiration with some pics by Yayoi Kusama, here we go:


Yayoi Kusama Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland_Yayoi Kusama


Words by Elisa Da Rin

Inspiration by Jurga P. Alessi @primainfusione


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