I get off at “Ocha-no-mizu station” in Tokyo asking myself if that’s a coincidence of if the owner of the GREEN RESTAURANT 1899 did it on purpose: in fact cha-no-mizu in Japanese means “water for the tea”. Ah! I walk toward the restaurant in a sunny Saturday noon, it’s almost 1 pm and my mouth’s watering just thinking about the brunch at 1899.

A nice and modern atmosphere welcomes and, as soon as I arrive, a really gentle waiter seems to recognize me calling my name (I’ve booked a table in advance, of course, but this attention deserve immediately a +10 points).


In spite of being Saturday afternoon the place it’s not too crowded nor noisy at all. People around me are enjoying huge trays in a Japanese style (the so called washoku), together with wine and beers, I wandering why as I expected to be in a tea-room kind of place, but I discover soon that this restaurant it’s famous for 8 type of crafted beers and for typical Japanese wine from Yamanashi region…and some of them are blended with Matcha tea! Incredible!

My friend and I cannot resist and we order one matcha beer and one matcha white wine (turned into green!)…the green color of those glasses it’s quite astonishing, I know, but I can ensure you that the taste is authentic and not so much tea-based.


So we let our ‘Green-tea-restaurant-experience’ began and a huge tray of typical Japanese food arrives. Maybe some of you would think that in a so called “green tea restaurant” every type of food should contain green tea. Well, it is not like this (a part from the desserts), and it shouldn’t be. Infact, in the ritual of Japanese tea ceremony, the so called Cha-no-yu, the matcha powder green tea it’s prepared and served first and then the guests have a washoku meal in typical stye. Exacly as we had!


As I don’t like pictures of dishes full of delicious food that one can ‘kindaofenjoy’ only with eyes, I won’t put any pictures of the mentioned meal, letting your curiosity increase more and more. I’ll put instead some very nice shoots of the cup exposed at the restaurant (not on sale unfortunately!).

1899 - Green Tea

And If you live in Tokyo, or you are planning to come and visit it, 1899 – GREEN TEA RESTAURANT, together with Cha-Cha-no-Ma 茶茶の間  in Omotensando (if you are curios read my review here) are definitely places MUST TO VISIT!

And I would like finish with a pic of the most delicious matcha and hojicha (rosted green tea) I’ve ever tasted …really fua fua (soft and melting in your mouth) as Japanese people would say!


Words and Picutres by Elisa Da Rin Puppel

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